Instructor Assignments

Entering Instructor Information

Departmental staff may enter instructor information on the SI screen of the Course Offering (CO) system within ADIN. Departments may also browse instructor assignments on the IB screen of the Course Offering (CO) system.

  •  Please note: Instructors for 500 and 600 level courses have to be a current member of the Graduate Faculty or designated as a Graduate Lecturer in order to be listed as the main (Role 1) instructor for a graduate level course. Graduate Faculty status can be found on the GF screen in ADIN. The Graduate Faculty and Graduate Lecturer nomination form can be found on the Graduate College website,  

Instructor information is used in various ways by administrative systems. These include:

  • Class lists – All instructors listed on the SI screen will have access to view and download electronic class lists in AccessPlus. The first name entered for the time on the top line will print on the class list.
  • Schedule of Classes – Only one instructor per meeting time may be printed. If more than one name is on file, the name printed is the first one entered for that meeting time.
  • Administrative reports – Reports run by Institutional Research utilize instructor information from the ADIN  system. It is extremely important that instructor information be on file so that these reports are accurate.

Instructor information for cross-listed courses can be entered by major teaching department only. (Minor department will not even be able to tab to the update fields.) Minor department instructor information is automatically updated when instructor is coded on major department record.

Instructor assignments in ADIN should be complete by the 21st day of classes for the term.

Online Help is available. Position the cursor on the field in question and depress the F1 key. A Help box with instructions will pop up on the screen. To close the Help box, use F3.

Questions? Contact Barb Hotchkiss at 4-2388 for summer or Marcia Mabee at 4-9374 for fall and spring.

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