Fee Types

The following codes are the approved fee types, which may be used for special course fees. Please refer to the Policy Statement related to the special course fees in the Policy Library for more information on what may be approved as special course fees. Once a fee is approved, the appropriate fee description below will be published in the online Schedule of Classes for the course along with the approved amount. This information will also appear in an individual student's 'Schedule Detail' published in AccessPlus. Special course fee codes are as follows:

A = applied music
F = field trips and travel
M = materials
E = equipment use
P = professional support
B = materials, and field trips and travel
Q = equipment use, and field trips and travel
J = professional support, and field trips and travel
N = materials and equipment use
R = materials and professional support
S = professional support and equipment use
D= delivery fees (applies only to DE courses)