Advising Appointments

The ISUAppointment scheduling system is now being rolled out department-by-department on campus.  This system can be used to schedule academic advising appointments as well as with Multicultural Student Affairs.

The system is not yet available campus-wide.  The list below includes all units on campus (academic and Student Affairs) that are using the system to schedule.

Units Using the System:

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Agricultural Systems Technology
Environmental Science
Environmental Studies
Industrial Technology

College of Business
All Majors

College of Engineering
Engineering Student Services (1300 Marston)
Aerospace Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Biosystems Engineering
Chemical and Biological Engineering
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Computer Engineering
Construction Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Materials Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Sofware Engineering

College of Human Sciences
Apparel, Merchandising and Design
Event Management
Hospitality Management

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Liberal Arts & Sciences Student Services (102 Catt Hall)
Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration
Criminal Justice
Environmental Science
Environmental Studies
International Studies
Liberal Studies

Student Affairs
Hixson Opportunity Awards
Multicultural Student Affairs


Students will receive notification from their advisers when the system is available for their department.

For instructions on how to use the system, once it is available, click here.