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Academic Progress for Financial Aid Recipients

Academic Record - Viewing Your Unofficial Transcript on AccessPlus

Academic Renewal Policy

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Academic Success Center

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AccessPlus Information System

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AccessPlus Registration System Also see AccessPlus Registration Policy

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Active Duty, Students Called to, Procedures

Activity, Services, and Building Fee

Admission, Office of

Admission Requirements

Admission to Undergraduate Teacher Education Program

Advanced Placement (AP) Program of the College Board

Advocacy (student services)

Agriculture and Life Sciences, College of

AP and CLEP Credit

Appeal of Academic Grievances

Appeal of Academic Status

Application for Graduation, undergraduate

Arranged Credit

Articulation/Transfer Agreements

Associate of Arts (AA) Articulation Agreement

Attendance, class

Auditing a Course


Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS)

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Bachelor's Degree, Two

Billing Statement, Fee Payment

Bribery (Academic Dishonesty)

Business, College of



Calculator, GPA


Cancelled courses/sections

Call to Active Duty, Procedures

Cancelling Registration

Career Services:
Agriculture and Life Sciences | Business | Design | Engineering | Human Sciences | LAS


Catalog in Effect


Change of Schedule Fee (Schedule Change Fee)

Changing a Grade

Changing Curriculum or Major

Cheating/See Academic Dishonesty

Class Attendance

Class Attendance, Validating Enrollment

Class Disruption, Policy for Responding to

Classification, Academic (Freshman, Sophomore, etc.)

Classification, Resident/Nonresident

CLEP College Level Examination Program)

Student Disciplinary Regulations (Code of Conduct)

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

Communication Proficiency Policy

Computer Fee

Conduct Probation

Confidential Information, In e-mail

Confidential Information, Policy in Catalog

Contact Hours

Continuing and Distance Education

Continuing Education Fee

Counseling Service, Student

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Course Prerequisites

Credit, Definition of

Credit Fee Schedule

Credit Received During Military Service (Additional Transfer Credit Policies)

Credit Limits

Credits and Contact Hours

Cross Enrollment, DMACC/ISU

Cross-Listed Courses

Cumulative Grade Point Average


Dead Week

Dean of Students Office

Dean of Students Outreach Services, Contact Information

Dean's List

Declaring a Minor

Deferred Payment

Deficiency, Quality Point (Academic Probation) | See Also Grading System

Degree Audit

Degree Planning

Degree Requirements/Also See individual areas

Departmental Examinations also Test-out Exams

Design, College of

Designated Repeats, Repeating a Course

Developmental Mathematics Fee

Disabilities, Services for Students with/

Disability Resources (students)/also see Student Support Services

Disciplinary Reprimand

Dishonesty, Academic

Dismissal, Academic

Disruption, Class, Policy for Responding to

Distance Education

Diversity, U.S. and International Perspective Requirements (catalog)

Div/IP list and policy

DMACC/ISU Cross Enrollment

Double Degrees

Double Major/Curriculum

Drop Limit

Dual-listed Courses




E-mail, sending confidential information

Eligibility, Duration for Financial Aid

Emergency Loans, University

Employee Confidentiality Agreement form

Employment, Part-time

Employment, Student

Enforcement of Course Prerequisites

Engineering, College of

English Proficiency Policy | See Communication Proficiency Policy

English Requirement for Non-native Speakers

Enrollment in Courses (Validating)

Enrollment Status (Full time, Half time, etc.)

Evaluation of Academic Progress See also Grading System

Evening Classes and Saturday


Examinations, Final


Experimental Courses (courses added since catalog publication)


Extension, University


Family Educational Rights and Policy Act (FERPA): Annual Notification | Need to Know (pdf)

Fees, Tuition and

Final Exam Calendar

Financial Aid

Financial Status - Viewing and Verifying on AccessPlus

Forms, Office of the Registrar

Four-year graduation plan

Full Time/Part Time Status

Future university calendars


GPA Calculator

Grades, Mailed, Request for

Grading System

Grade Change

Grade Point Average (GPA)

Grade Posting

Grades, Release of

Grading System

Graduate College


Graduation Fee

Graduation Requirements/See Individual Departments

Graduation with Distinction

Grievances, Academic

Graduation Rate Data


Health Center, Thielen Student

Health Facility Fee

Health Fee

Health Insurance Fee

Help with Academic Problems

High School Preparation Required for Admission

Honors Program

Honor Societies

Human Sciences, College of



ID Cards

ID, University

Identification Number

Incomplete Coursework

Independent Study

Information About Courses

Information Disclosure

Interdepartmental Programs

International Baccalaureate Examinations

International Perspectives Requirement, U.S. Diversity and (catalog)

IP/Div Requirement list and Policy

International Students and Scholars See also Student Services

International Students, English Requirement, See English Requirements for Non-native Speakers

Interpreting Test Scores (pdf)

ISUCard and Identification Number

ISU Policy Library



Judicial Affairs

Learning Communities

Learning Disabilities, Academic Help | See Student Support Service Program or Student Services

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Student Services (LGBTSS) See also LGBTSS web site

Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS), College of



Lost ID Cards


Mailed Grades, Request for

Majors, Changing

Making Schedule Changes

Majors, List of


Minors, List of

Military, Students Called to Active Duty

Multicultural Student Affairs


N- No Report

Name Changes

National Student Exchange

New Courses since Publication (Experimental Courses)

New Student Programs/ Also see Office of Admissions

New Student Programs Fee

Nondegree Undergraduate

Nonmajor Graduate Credit

Nonresident Students, Classification of

NP- Non-passing mark


Off-Campus courses- Residential Credit

Off-Campus Credit Courses and Programs

Office of International Students and Scholars

Office of the Registrar

Officer Education Programs

Organizations, Student/See Student Activities Center (SAC) | Also see Student Activities and Honor Societies


Ownership of Course-related Presentations

Official Transcripts, How to Order









P- passing mark

Parents Association (ISUPA)

Part-time Definition for Financial Aid

Pass-Not Pass Grading

Permission Required Courses/Sections

Personal Information - Viewing and Verifying on AccessPlus


Policies, Office of the Registrar

Policy Library, ISU

Policy on Student Names

Posthumous Degree Policy

Posting Grades and Test Scores

Postsecondary Enrollment Options Act (Chapter 261C)


Priority Enrollment

Probation, Academic

Progressing Toward a Degree

Proof of Enrollment

Public Information


Quality Point Deficiency

Quantity Standard, for Financial Aid

Questions, Offices to Assist You

Questions, Often Asked, About Commencement and Graduation


Reentry for Graduate Students

R credit

Recognition, Scholastic

Recording and Transmission of Classes

Records, Retention

Records, Review and Challenge

Records, Student

Records, Withholding

Reentering Students

Regents' Articulation Agreement

Regents' Universities Student Exchange Program


Registration Cancellation

Registration, Disabled Students

Registration Fee, Late

Registration Fee Schedule Change

Registration Holds

Registration Process, Responsibilities

Registration Start Dates

Registration Start Dates (definition of)

Registration, Web System



Release of Grades

Removal of Unmet High School Requirements

Repeating a Course

Required Credit (R courses)


Restricted Courses/Sections

Retention of Records

Returning/Reentry to the University

Review and Challenge of Records


Schedule Changes, Making

Schedule of Classes

Schedule of Classes, Archive

Second Half-Semester Courses

Soar in 4 (4-year graduation plan)

Special Course Fees

Start Dates for Registration

Statistics, Enrollment

Student Information (Viewing and Verifying on AccessPlus)

Study Abroad

Student Conduct, Office of

Student Counseling Services

Student Disciplinary Regulations (Code of Conduct)

Student Information (Viewing and Verifying on AccessPlus)

Summer Academic Standards

Summer Degree Completion: Which Commencement?

Summer Enrollment Status


Test out exams (Credit by Exam)

Transcripts, How to Order

Transcripts, How to View on AccessPlus


Tuition and Fees



University Bill - Viewing on AccessPlus

University Calendars, Academic

University Forms

University ID

Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

Unofficial Transcripts

U.S. Diversity and International Perspective Requirements


Validating enrollment

Veterans Attendance

Veterans Benefits

Veterans In-State Tuition Benefit

Viewing and Verifying Your Student Information

Voter Registration


Withdrawal from the University (Catalog information)

Withdrawing (process)

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