Catalog Editing

2018-19 Catalog information and deadlines

Course change reports are available by clicking on the Reports icon below. Changes for all other catalog content such as curriculum grids, 4 year plans, department narrative, etc., are due Dec. 1, 2017. Catalog proofing begins immediately after Dec. 1, and continues until January 15. Catalog publishing is expected mid to late Februrary 2018.

December 1: Everything else changes (narrative, curriculum, 4 year plans, etc.) due to Registrar's Office. College deadlines are earlier--check with your college curriculum coordinator.

Final Proofing begins after December 1. Final changes due January 15, 2018.

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  1. Go to
  2. Find the course you want to add to the catalog, then choose Edit Course.
  3. Change the catalog year (2018-19)
  4. Choose Save Changes (DO NOT Save & Submit!)
  5. The “Make Permanent Course” button will appear just above the Edit Course button.
  6. After you choose Make Permanent Course, a dialog box appears telling you that you are accessing the CIM system. Choose OK.
  7. Make any additional changes to the course if needed. Make sure the X is removed from the course number.
  8. Choose Save & Submit to send it to workflow. (No copying and pasting course information!)

For more information, contact Jenni Keitges at