Experimental Courses 2015-2016, P-Z


PHIL 339X. Liberty and Law in America. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. (Cross-listed with CJ ST 339X and POL S 339X). Prereq: sophomore status. An exploration of competing conceptions of liberty in American political thought and debates about how liberty should be protected by the law. Contemporary debates about topics such as health care, drugs, property, speech, religion, and sex.

PHIL 353X. Buddhist Philosophy. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Prereqs: PHIL 201 or PHIL 230. Examination of central Buddhist positions and arguments on topics such as personal and social ethics, moral psychology, metaphysics, and the relationship between Buddhist thought and the sciences. Differences between Buddhist and Western approaches to philosophy will be explored.

PHIL 382X. History and Philosophy of the Scientific Revolution. (3-0) Cr. 3. (Cross-listed with HIST 382X Prereq: 3 credits in philosophy, 3 credits in history, or 6 credits in natural science. The emergence of empirical science as the authoritative methodology for production of knowledge about the natural world in the period between Copernicus and Kant. Scientific progress achieved during the period, including the work of Galileo, Descartes, and Newton. The re-shaping of epistemology in the Western intellectual tradition. Implications for philosophy and historiography.

PHIL 464X. Topics in Metaphysics. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Prereqs: 6 credits in philosophy or permission of instructor. Recent work in contemporary analytic metaphysics; properties, mereology, causation, fundamentality and metametaphysics.

PL P 512X. Lifestyles of plant pathogenic fungi and oomycetes. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Prereqs: PLP 408/508 OR MICRO 456 OR equivalent. Exploration of the major groups of plant pathogenic fungi and oomycetes, focusing on the diseases they cause as well as pathogen ecology, diagnosis, crop resistance, and fungicide resistance.

POL S 339X. Liberty and Law in America. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. (Cross-listed with CJ ST 339X and PHIL 339X). Prereq: sophomore status. An exploration of competing conceptions of liberty in American political thought and debates about how liberty should be protected by the law. Contemporary debates about topics such as health care, drugs, property, speech, religion, and sex.

POL S 342X. Chinese Politics. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Legacies of Imperial China, the origins of the Chinese Civil War, and the causes and consequences of the reform era. Issues of contemporary China, including economic transformation, the structure of the Party/state, the environment, the media and other topics.
Meets International Perspectives Requirement.

POL S 348X. British Government and Politics. (3-0) Cr. 3. F. Prereq: POL S 215 or POL S 241. Political institutions and processes in Great Britain and Northern Ireland; emphasis on Parliament, executive and monarchy, and public policies, including devolution. 

POL S 362X. The Judiciary. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Exploration of the genesis, purpose, and power of judicial review, federal common law, judicial confirmation, merit of strict construction of the Constitution, and qualificatiosn to serving on courts; judicial activism and the infusion of politics into courts.

POL S 508X. Policy Implementation. (3-0) Cr. 3 S. Prereq: Six credits in political science or graduate standing. Examination of the implementation phase of the policy process primarily within the government sector with respect to specific programs, rules, or pieces of legislation within a larger policy area, e.g., health, environment, transportation, education, foreign policy.

P R 420X. Crisis Communication. (3-0) Cr. 3. F. Prereqs: P R 220. Public relations strategies and tactics for crisis situations to protect and recover an organization's reputation including public behavior in crisis, crisis assessment, crisis communication plan across all platforms, media training for leaders and spokespersons, apology strategy, corporate social responsibility and ethics, rumor in social media and reputation.


RELIG 368X. Religions of Ancient Greece and Rome. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Cross-listed with CL ST 368X. Nature, origins and development of religious beliefs and practices in ancient Greece and Rome from earliest times up to the rise of Christianity. Roles of divinities and rituals in lives of individuals and families and the governing of city-states and empires. Emphasis on historical contexts of the Graeco-Roman world and influences of neighboring cultures in Africa and Asia.

RELIG 384X. Roman Italy: An Introduction (2-0) Cr. 1. S. Cross-listed with CL ST 384X. Prereq: Enrollment limited to students participating in CL ST 385X. Instructor permission required. Introduction to the topography, history, archaeology, monuments, and art of Rome from the Regal period through late Antiquity; attention given to the culture of modern Italy, preparatory to study abroad in Rome.


SCM 453X.Supply Chain Planning and Control. (3-0) Cr. 3. F. Prereq: SCM 301. Supply chain planning and control is the process which synchronizes demand with manufacturing and distribution. This course will cover sales and operations planning with emphasis on forecasting, master scheduling, materials requirements planning, inventory management and demand planning. Linking business plans and information systems for integration and distribution channels are also covered.

SCM 491X. International Live Case and Study Tour. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Prereq: SCM 301. Students follow supply chain of major firm from overseas manufacturer to domestic point-of-sale. Students are expected to complete projects and present findings to senior leadership.

SCM 495X. SCM Case Competition. (3-0) Cr. 3. F. Prereq: SCM 301. Students explore different practical scenarios related supply chain projects and cases. Students acquire necessary skills and knowledge to solve practical issues associated with presented cases and problems. Students compete at different venues around the country.

SCM 513X. Biorenewables Supply Chain Management.  Cr.3. S. (Cross-listed with BRT 513X). Prereqs: Graduate standing or qualified undergraduates with instructor permission. Evaluation of supply chain logistics related the field of biorenewables. The unique challenges associated with biorenewables supply chain are emphasized and examined: cost analysis, market demand & prices, life cycle analysis, environmental impacts, as well as, the technological, social, and political factors related to society.

SP CM 107X. Orientation to Speech Communication. (1-0). Cr. 1. Prereq: Speech Communication majors only. Introduction to the practice, theory and criticism of persuasive communication. Careers in speech communication. Orientation to the learning goals and program requirements of the Speech Communication major. Offered on a satisfactory-fail basis only.

SP CM 270X. Science in Public: Communication, Controversy & Understanding. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. (Cross-listed with ENGL 270X and JL MC 270X.) Prereq: ENGL 250. Models of communication between scientists, engineers and other professionals and the public. Approaches to public engagement with science and technology including analysis of science communication on controversial topics such as climate change, evolution, and genetically modified organisms.

SP CM 410X. Dynamic Presentation: Advanced Performance Workshop. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Prereqs: Minimum of one 300-level course in Speech Communication or English. Advanced workshop to develop greater confidence and competence when giving speeches and public presentations. Proper care and use of the voice, techniques for interpretation and performance of text, effective movement, stage presence, and audience engagement.

SPAN 285B. Intensive Intermediate Spanish for Professions: Business. Cr. 4. F. Development and application of advanced reading and writing skills and profession-specific vocabulary, as well as the socio-cultural environment of particular professions. Taught in Spanish. Graduation Restrictions: Only one of SPAN 297 and SPAN 285X may count toward graduation.

SPAN 510X. World Language Teaching Methods in Spanish. (3-0) Cr. 3. F. Prereq: Graduate-level classification. Study of current theory and practice of teaching Spanish as a second language with emphasis on designing pedagogically sound learning activities and assessments.

SPAN 562X. Contrastive Analysis of Spanish/ English for Translators. (3-0) Cr. 3. F. (Cross-listed with LING 562X). Prereq: SPAN 351. Linguistic study of the major differences between the Spanish and English grammatical systems and their applications in the translation of Spanish to English. Taught in Spanish.

SPAN 563X. Hispanic Dialectology. (3-0) Cr. 3. F. (Cross-listed with LING 563X). Prereq: SPAN 352. Intensive study of the phonology, morphosyntax and lexicon of the Hispanic dialects of Spain and Latin America in their historical context. Taught in Spanish.

STAT 502X. Applied Modern Multivariate Statistical Learning. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Prereqs: STAT 500, STAT 542, STAT 579. Statistical methods for supervisied and unsupervised statisticallearning in high-data-volume contexts. Topics will be chosen from linear methods of prediction and classification, basis expansions and regularization, kernel smoothing methods, variance-basis trade-offs, inference and model averaging, additive models and trees, boosting, neural nets, support vector machines, prototype methods, random forests, ensemble learning, clustering, and principal components.

STAT 526X. Applied Statistical Modeling. (3-0 approx., online only) Cr. 3. F. Prereq:Admission to Master of Business Analytics program. Probability concepts and distributions used in statistical decision-making for business applications. Least-squares and maximum likelihood estimation, sampling distributions of estimators, formal statistical inference, analysis of variance, multiple regression models and strategies for model selection, logistic regression, and Poisson regression. Applications implemented with the R statistical package. Simulations used to investigate properties of inferential procedures and to assist in data analysis.


TOX 569X. Reproductive and Developmental Toxicology. Cr. 2 F. (Same as AN S 569X.) Prereqs: BBMD 301, Biology 258 or An S 331. Chemical agents that target developmental and reproductive systems in animals and humans, both male and female. The influence that timeline of developmental in utero and what part of reproductive organ have on outcome of environmental exposures will be developed. The physiological changes due to exposure, and mechanistic pathways activated by xenobiotics will be defined and the consequences of these changes will be explored.

TSM 546X. Introduction Into Bioplastics & Biocomposites. (2-2) Cr.3. S. (Cross-listed with A B E 546X, BRT 546X, M S E 546X). Prereqs: CHEM 163 and MATH 151, or permission of instructor. A study of bio-polymers and related processes used in manufacturing. Lecture and laboratory activities focus on materials, properties, processes, policies and current state of the art of bioplastics.


U ST 110X. International First-Year Experience Seminar. (1-1) F. S. Cr. 1. Topics to help international students transition to the United States and academic culture, such as culture shock, classroom culture, campus and community resources, learning styles, study skills, basic immigration status and employment benefits, student health and wellness, and research and presentation skills.

U ST 303X. CALM Life Skills Seminar. (1-0) Cr. 1. F. Prereq: Senior classification. CALM After the Storm is a course designed to help student-athletes successfully transition to life after Iowa State University. The CALM programming will include Career preparation, Adulthood, Life after athletics, and Money management.


V C S 482X. Veterinary Dentistry and Oral Surgery Rotation. Cr. 2. F. S. SS. Prereq: Enrollment in 4th year of the veterinary curriculum; completion of primary care rotation or familiar with the Primary Care protocol; proof of rabies prophylaxis and a protective titer. Basic principles of veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. Participation in dental cleaning and scaling of the teeth in the oral cavity; positioning and interpretation of dental radiographs; administration of regional anesthesia; and patient care and animal handling, including instructions of dental procedures and dental home care. Opportunities may be available to practice oral surgery, extraction techniques and radiographic positioning on cadaver specimens. Interaction with clients during procedures and appointments. Opportunities to observe and assist with advanced dentistry and oral surgery procedures as the need arises. Experience in primary care rotation responsibilities.

VDPAM 424X. Preceptorship in Diagnostic Pathology. Cr. 1-6. F. S. Prereq: VDPAM 310 and VDPAM 455. Advanced course in production animal medicine with emphasis on gross and diagnostic pathology. Forty hours clinical experience per week. Assignments will be preceptorships with a diagnostic laboratory, veterinary pathologist, governmental agency and/or production unit. Biosecurity policies require documentation of student's presence in the USA 5 days immediately prior to the start of class.

VDPAM 463X. Feedlot Production Medicine. Cr. 1. SS. Prereqs: VDPAM 310: concurrent enrollment in VDPAM 421D. One-week VM4 elective focusing on Midwestern feedlot production. Addresses feedlot production practices common to Iowa and surrounding states, including feeding cattle on concrete or under roofs. Activities include participation and visitation to representative feedlots in Iowa.

VDPAM 465X. Animal Welfare Clinical Rotation (elective). Cr. 2 F. Prereq: Final year of the DVM program. Two-week course for senior veterinary students to gain skills for collecting and interpreting animal welfare data, aid clients with identifying and achieving welfare goals, and assisting law enforcement with animal cruelty response. Field trips to food animal and companion animal facilities are mandatory.

VDPAM 478X. Swine Medicine Center. Cr. 2. SS. Swine Production Management and Consultation; clinical pharmacology and treatment management; and emerging swine disease diagnosis and management. In class discussion as well as on-farm visits, on-line training modules and production facility tours.

VDPAM 478A. Swine Medicine Education Center: Swine Production Management and Consultation. Cr. 2. S. Prereq: VDPAM 310. Swine production management and consulting skills within a progressive swine production and management system. Time will be split approximately with half in-class discussion topics of finance and business of the swine industry and half on-farm learning opportunities where students will visit a breeding farm, nursery facility, finishing facility, wean-to-finish facility, gilt developer unit, and a truck wash facility.

VDPAM 478B. Swine Medicine Education Center: Swine Clinical Pharmacology and Treatment Management. Cr. 2. S. Prereq: VDPAM 310. Basic and applied information on swine treatment options, strategies to maximize efficacy, and skills to pursue judicious use of antimicrobials, reproductive interventions, and the entire spectrum of drug therapies. The course emphasizes case based application and decisions and is approximately 30% web-based and 70% on-site including farms of a variety of structures and functions. During the course, students prepare a thorough evaluation of the pharmacologic interventions that may occur on farms and then implement this evaluation in active production facilities to maximize efficacy, compliance and animal welfare as part of a comprehensive judicious use objective.

VDPAM 478C. Swine Medicine Education Center: Swine Emerging Diseases Diagnosis and Management. Cr. 2. S. Prereq: VDPAM 310. Diagnostic tests, methods, approaches, analysis, and evaluation of emerging swine diseases and provide general knowledge of disease elimination and methods to manage herd losses and economic losses due to disease. Two-week, on-site module that combines structured site visits and classroom activities.

V MPM 503X. Safety in the Biological Laboratory. (2-0) Cr. 1. F. Laboratory safety with emphasis on hazardous biological and physical agents and materials, their safe handling and disposition, and the local and federal rules and regulations pertaining to their use.


WESEP 512X. Wind Energy System Deployment. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Prereqs: WESEP 501 and WESEP 502. Advances in manufacturing, construction, reliability, supply chain, economics and policy for wind energy. Topics include sensor optimization, reliability analysis, advanced automation, fabric layup, transportation infrastructure planning, markets and public policy, and risk attitudes and perceptions. 

WLC 510X. World Language Teaching Methods. (3-0) Cr. 3. F. Prereq: Graduate-level classification. Study of current theory and practice of teaching a second language with emphasis on designing pedagogically sound learning activities and assessments. Taught in English. Does not fulfill the undergraduate-level methods requirement for teacher licensure.

W S 360X. Contemporary Experiences of Asian American Women. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. (Cross-listed with  LAS 360X.) Prereqs: One of W S 201, LAS 225, or SOC 134; and ENGL 250. Interdisciplinary, transnational, and intersectional perspectives employed to understand experiences of Asian American women as they relate to racial ideology, global migration of people, resources, and culture, class status, family formation, sexuality, the military-industrial complex, geography, religion, and language.
Meets U. S. Diversity Requirement.


YTH 589X. Grant Development and Management. (3-0) Cr. 3. S. Grant-getting process and an overview of what happens after a project is funded. The following topics will be covered: researching funding sources, generating cutting edge ideas, assessing needs, planning a project, establishing credibility, formulating a sustainable budget, designing an evaluation plan, managing the funded project, and disseminating project results.