Degree Audit

What is a degree audit?

The degree audit is an individualized report that reflects a student’s academic progress toward a specified degree.  It compares the student’s course work (both from ISU and transfer work from other institutions) with the academic degree program, and then prepares a report (the degree audit) detailing the student's progress toward meeting the requirements of a specified degree.

Advantages of a degree audit

  • Provides an ability to generate data for reports that students and advisors may use for course planning
  • Allows authorized personnel to enter course adjustments for students who may have courses that need to be moved to other requirements
  • Provides timely information of student progress on the web through AccessPlus
  • Improves consistency in advising appointments and graduation clearance

How to get a copy of your degree audit

ISU Degree Audit is available online through the AccessPlus system.  Other audit functions available include:

  • Request and view a “What If” audit to see how present or future courses would apply to other majors or options.
  • Request and view updated audits to check for changes that may have occurred due to end of term grade processing, or due to discussion between student and advisor—note: changes may not be reflected immediately.  Please allow for processing time, which may extend to at least the end of the current term due to volume of changes requested.

How will the degree audit list multiple majors/minors?

Multiple majors or minors within the College of Business, College of LAS, and secondary majors in the College of Agriculture are listed on one audit. Two audits will be required for multiple degrees or multiple majors in the other colleges to ensure all needed requirements are met.

How often can students get an audit?

The system allows students to request degree audits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who is responsible for meeting graduation requirements?

Degree audits are intended to assist students in determining their academic progress at ISU. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy; however, final responsibility for meeting graduation requirements resides with the student. Students are encouraged to check with their advisors on a regular basis as they progress towards their degree.