Grade Processing

All grades must be entered using AccessPlus, Canvas. A demonstration is available for AccessPlus grade submittal

Final grade reporting process for instructors submitting an F grade.

Office of the Registrar staff are available to assist you. For assistance contact Denise Timberland at 294-0767 or Amita Dayal 294-1843.

AccessPlus grading

The system allows you to enter grades on multiple pages. You will need to save grades on each page before going to other pages. Once all grades have been saved, you will submit them.

Follow these steps to report grades for your classes:

Enter grades: 
Use the browse class list function to see the classes that you teach.
B. Select the term and then select the class for which you want to enter grades.
C. Choose the Enter Grades menu option on the left.  

Save grades:
Enter the grades on an entire page.
B. Save grades one page at a time, using the Save button at the bottom of each page. You should always save prior to advancing to another page to avoid losing your data. Saving each page allows you to come back to your worksession if necessary.

Submit grades: 
A. When all the grades for a course have been entered and saved (all pages filled in), use the Submit Grades menu item on the left to submit the grades to the Office of the Registrar.
B. Only the authorized instructor can submit grades.  

Important information:
Instructors listed as Role 1 will be authorized to submit grades. Grades may be edited, submitted and re-submitted up until the final deadline.  Please enter comments and last attended dates, if appropriate, for a given student.   Clicking on the student's name will bring up a picture and information about the student. Indicators are present on the class list which let you know which students are graduating, have no information release, have dropped, withdrawn, or are taking the course as an audit.   Instructors and departments will be notified by e-mail verifying that grades have been successfully submitted. Department notification may require that you supply a contact e-mail address on the "Submit Page" if your department has not submitted an e-mail contact to the Office of the Registrar.   Instructors and departments can view the submitted grades on AccessPlus using the Class Lists with Grades option. AccessPlus will allow entry of late grades the day following final grade processing and continue for approximately two weeks. Student records will be updated each evening during the business week.  Only those students with blank (non-report) grades will appear on the class list.

Canvas Grading

Information regarding grade submission is available under the Help Icon in Canvas (then navigate to My Canvas Teacher - ISU Specific Tools). For help with ISU Admin Tools and submitting grades, contact the Solution Center at 294-4000.