Grade Report to the Registrar - Tutorials

Form Location: AccessPlus > Faculty/Advisor Tab > Registrar Forms

DocuSign Grade Report Forms:


Steps to Complete the DocuSign Web Form:

  1. Log in to AccessPlus, navigate to Faculty/Advisor tab, Registrar Forms, and click on the appropriate Grade Report.
  2. COMPLETE ALL ROUTING INFORMATION within the DocuSign Web Form. Forms with missing signatures will not be processed and the instructor will need to initiate a new Grade Report form.
    • Instructor name and instructor ISU email.
    • Department Chair or DOGE name and Department Chair/DOGE/designee ISU email.
      • Contact your Department to determine the correct Department routing email address for grade report processing.
    • If Applicable, College Dean name and College Dean or designee ISU email (see below College Dean list).
  3. Once all routing information is complete, select "Begin Signing" and then click "Continue" to bring up the Grade Report to the Registrar
  4. Complete the Grade Report to the Registrar providing comments as appropriate, click "Sign" to complete your electronic signature, and click "Finish" to route for the next signature.
  5. The next signer, the Department Chair, DOGE, or their designee will receive an email to review the document with a link to the Grade Report.
  6. The Department Chair/DOGE/designee will click "Review Document" and "Continue" to open the Grade Report.
  7. They will review the form, and then click "Sign" to complete the electronic signature, use the dropdown list to indicate who is signing the form, and click "Finish."
  8. The form will either routed to the College Dean (Change Letter Grade to Incomplete) to initiate the same process, or the completed form will be routed to the Academic Records email at for processing.

Designated Email Address for College Dean Approval:


Below is an example of what the initiator of the Grade Report will see when entering the routing information on the DocuSign Web Form. Be sure to complete ALL routing information even though we cannot make this a required step in DocuSign. Again, it is important to note that any forms without all appropriate signatures will not be processed by Academic Records and will require a new form be initiated and routed. Ad Hoc routing is not available in DocuSign.




Grade Report to the Registrar: Paper Form

We will continue to accept PDF Grade Reports to the Registrar, which can be processed as follows: departments should work with instructors to complete the Grade Report to the Registrar form. Departments may submit a PDF form to the Student Academic Records area via a CyBox the department creates. Co-Owner access to the box should be given to the Records team:

  • Amita Dayal (adayal)

  • Linda Dunn (lstens)

  • Mike Green (mjgreen1)

  • Denise Timberland (dtimber)

When uploading a form to Cybox it is recommended that you incorporate the last name of the student in the naming convention. This will help the Records team process the form as efficiently as possible. Thank you for your cooperation, if you have any questions please contact 515-294-1840.