Confidential E-mail

Confidential Data in Electronic Communications

Office Policy Statement

The university ID has replaced social security numbers as the primary identifier for students and staff.  University ID is defined as confidential under FERPA. When sharing confidential data in an electronic communication, the following standards apply:

  1. Do not send social security number.
  2. Do not send both full name and university ID in the same email.
  3. Sending only university ID is the best practice.
  4. Sending university ID plus first two letters of the last name in the same email communication is acceptable, when additional identifying information is needed.

Exception:  A data file containing confidential information, excluding social security number, may be sent electronically IF password protected.  The data file and password must be sent in separate emails. See information on how to password protect a file.

For information on how to use the university ID to identify an individual, contact the Office of the Registrar, 294-1840 or

Originator: The Office of the Registrar

Updated: November 20, 2014