Sending Password Protected Files

Confidential Data in Electronic/Email Communications

Sending a password protected file is one way to safeguard sensitive information that you send through an e-mail attachment. Though password protecting your file makes it harder for someone to view your document, it should not be considered totally secure. Therefore, when considering sending sensitive data via e-mail, consider the following:

  • Do NOT send social security numbers in a document.
  • Make sure you send your file only to those who must have it. The more people who handle the data the more likely for a breakdown in security.

Password protect Microsoft documents, workbooks, and presentations

You can use passwords to help prevent other people from opening or modifying your documents, workbooks, and presentations.

Add or remove protection in your document, workbook, or presentation

Applies to Microsoft 2016, 2013 , 2010

Password protect a document

Applies to Word 2010 and Word Starter 2010

Password protect a document

Applies to Word 2016 , 2013

Password protect a document

Applies to Microsoft 2007 and 2010


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  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office programs.

Getting Started

To create or access your CyBox account, go to and log in with your Net-ID and password. Note: cookies must be enabled to log in.