Winter Session Information

The VA sets rate of pursuit for undergraduate programs at 12 credits for a normal semester (15-19 weeks in length).  For not standard terms, the VA uses the following formula to determine equivalent credit hours, Credit x 18 / weeks = credit hour equivalents.


Students using CH 33 (Post 9/11) benefits have their housing payments rounded to the closest 10%, students under all other chapters have their payments rounded down to the nearest 1/4 (3/4, ½, ¼).


For the Winter Session, 4 credits will equal full-time, 3 credits will be 90% for CH 33 (Post 9/11) and ¾ time for all other chapters.


Students using CH 33 (Post 9/11) benefits can receive their monthly benefits prior to tuition and fees being posted by the university, it will require amendments or adjustments to certifications once the university posts tuition and fees.


Students using other chapters of GI Bill benefits will receive payments at the end of a month as they do now, no change is necessary.


Federal Tuition Assistance (Go Army Ed)

Late grade submission (30 days after course completion) causes a hold on a student’s account.  This hold can be released by a Go Army Ed counselor.


Iowa National Guard Service Scholarship – INGSS (formerly the National Guard Education Assistance Program – NGEAP)

Winter Session tuition and fees can be applied to INGSS but the student still has a dollar cap (20-21 $9274) and any tuition and fees that exceeds the cap is not covered.


General information about the Winter Session can be found in the October 01, 2020 Inside Iowa State: . We will update this site as we learn new information.


Questions about Winter Session and your benefits may be directed to:


Office: 214 Enrollment Services Center

Phone: (515) 294-1840 (option #6)