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Upcoming schedule change deadlines

Reminder: Scheduling and Fees has been temporarily relocated to 139 Durham.

Sep. 24, Wed.                     
•  Last day to change degree audit information for fall semester.   

Sept. 26, Fri.
• Last day to add/drop a first half-semester course without extenuating circumstances.
• Last day to change a first half-semester course to or from Pass/Not Pass. Courses changed to graded basis after Sept. 8 count toward total allowable P/NP credits used for graduation.
• Last day to file a Designation of Repeated Course form for a first half-semester course that is not an automatic designated repeat.

Reminder Veterans: Making schedule changes may affect your military education benefits. Please check with a V.A. certifying official in the Office of the Registrar before making schedule changes. Contact information

Scheduling & Fees relocate to 139 Durham

The Scheduling and Fees area of the Registrar’s Office located in 10 Enrollment Services Center (ground floor) is undergoing extensive remodeling and has temporarily relocated to 139 Durham for the next few weeks. If you have schedule changes (adds/drops, etc.) or questions regarding fees or special registrations, please visit their offices in 139 Durham. Phone numbers will remain the same.

Scheduling & Fees Unit

New Location Sept. 2-Oct. 20

Schedule Changes (add/drop, etc.) 139 Durham, Ph 294-2331
Special Registrations 139 Durham, Ph 294-1889
Tuition & Fees 139 Durham, Ph 294-1889

Fall Semester 2014

  • Classwork begins, Mon., Aug. 25
  • University holiday, offices closed, Mon., Sept. 1
  • Thanksgiving break, classes recessed, Mon. - Fri., Nov. 24-28
  • University holiday, offices closed, Thurs. & Fri., Nov. 27 & 28
  • Final exams, Mon. - Fri., Dec. 15-19   
  • Commencement, Sat., Dec. 20
  • University holiday, offices closed, Thurs. & Fri., Dec. 25 & 26