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Note: Students with disabilities needing assistance with any phase of registration should contact Student Disability Resources. The information on this page applies to undergraduate students. Other procedures apply for nondegree students, graduate students, and veterinary medicine students.

Questions? E-mail the Registrar's Office.


  • Cancel: All classes are dropped prior to the first day of the term.
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  • Withdraw: All classes are dropped on or after the first day of the term. Contact your adviser immediately. Catalog policy.
  • Last Day to Drop: NOT to be confused with Schedule Change. On the last day to drop, you can drop a course without extenuating circumstances, but you will be charged a schedule change fee.
  • Schedule Change: You may make schedule changes through the first five days of class using the registration system. Procedures for schedule changes vary by the time period of the semester. The effective date of a schedule change is the date when the change is entered into the registration system. A fee applies after specific dates. See Academic Calendar for specific dates.