Other Fees

Fee Glossary

Approved, Board of Regents, State of Iowa, 2016-2017 Academic Year

(Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.)

Course/Program or Miscellaneous Fees

Account Review Fee - minimum $10.00
Additional Billing Statement Fee
Application fee - non-refundable - Domestic Students


Veterinary Medicine
Application fee - International Students


Veterinary Medicine
Career Planning and Placement Services (fee assessed by college based on optional nature of service costs and number of resumes, credentials, etc.)
0 - $25
Continuous Registration (PhD's) $70
Credit by Exam
Deferred Billing Administrative Fee: for students who choose deferred billing
$20 per term
Delivery Fee - Applicable fees are listed with the course section in the schedule of classes   http://classes.iastate.edu/  
Developmental Courses:
Chemistry: Chem 50
English/Reading: Engl 99R
English/Listening: Engl 99L
English/Speaking: Engl 99S
Foreign Languages: Frnch 97,
Ger 97 or Span 97
Math 10 or Math 30
                    PHYS 50X $390
Diploma Replacement
Doctoral Post Comprehensive or Prelim (Continuous Registration - Graduate )
Employer Reimbursement Payment Option
Extension Courses/Continuing Education/Workshops (per credit)
FAX (for sending official documents)
Graduation Fee - non-refundable
Health Insurance visit Student & Scholar Health Insurance for costs
Identification Card (ISUCard):
Non-students/non-ISU employees,
per year
IEOP Fee please visit IEOP site for costs
Installment Payment Plan
International Student Orientation Fee $120
Lakeside Lab, undergraduate (per credit)
Lakeside Lab, graduate (per credit)
Late Payment
1% per month of amount past due
Late Registration Fees (undergraduate)
Late Registration Fees (graduate)
1st week
2nd week
3rd week or later
New Student Programs/Matriculation Fee**
Parking - Costs average $137 per academic year. CyRide is available for all current students. $137
Private Music Instruction, 1 credit
Private Music Instruction, 2-3 credits
Regents Abroad
contact department
Reissue Check Fee
Returned Check Charge/Returned Direct Debit
Schedule Change Fee (Day 6 or later of class)
Senior Fee (optional)
Special Course Fee - Applicable fees are listed with the course section in the schedule of classes   http://classes.iastate.edu/   
Special Handling (for processing official documents) $5
Sponsored International Student
5% of assessed fees
Study Abroad Administrative Fee*
Study Abroad Program Fee (fee varies with program)*  
Fall and Spring Semesters
Summer Term
Thesis (Masters)
Thesis (Ph.D.)
Veterinary Medicine Advance Payment
Veterinary Medicine Mobile Computing Fee

*Tuition assessment for study abroad credits, up to a maximum of 12 credits, is above and beyond tuition for other courses taken during the same term.

**Refundable except for $25 administrative fee charged to students who rescind their acceptance of admission prior to May 1; contact the Office of Admissions for more information.