Schedule Changes

In response to the continuing necessity of social distancing, the Registrar’s office is implementing the exclusive use of a digital schedule change form and virtual schedule change process beginning Fall 2020.

All previously established policies regarding permission requirements for schedule change actions are being maintained (including instructor acknowledgement for student drops), but will be transmitted and retained via a digital document.



Student wishes to process a change to their schedule, and are unable to do so themselves via AccessPlus registration system (due to restrictions, capacities, AccessPlus deadlines, etc.)

The student may email, phone, or video chat with their adviser to request the schedule change.

If department or instructor acknowledgement or authorization is required for the schedule change action, the student may collect that permission via email communication with the authorized person, then forward to their adviser.



Adviser will review the student’s schedule change request.

Using established guidelines for schedule change authorizations, the adviser will instruct the student to collect and forward email permission from the appropriate offices.

Once the student has forwarded the emailed permission, the adviser will vouch that the appropriate permission has been granted, by adding that person’s name on the Instructor permission field of the digital schedule change form, located within Registrar Forms on the Faculty/Adviser tab of AccessPlus.

If no permission is required, the adviser may type ‘Not Applicable’ in the instructor field.

The adviser will complete and submit the docusign Schedule Change Form.

College Student Services


Any standard schedule change request may also be submitted by College Student Services staff, if a student’s adviser is unavailable.

Further, if college-level permission is required, (administrative drop, effective date changes, additional drops), additional fields are available for college-authorization.

Additional Permissions


For students in populations that require specific approvals for their coursework changes given certification requirements (e.g. student athletes, international students) the Office of the Registrar will reach out to those campus partners after the schedule change form has been submitted.