Student Schedule Changes

Students may make most schedule changes through the first five days of class using the AccessPlus registration system. However, after the fifth day of the semester, or in the case of courses with enrollment restrictions, advisor and/or instructor permission may also be necessary, per Iowa State University Catalog policy for Schedule Changes.

For courses with permission requirements and/or after the first week of classes, a Schedule Change form is necessary. 

There are two versions of the digital schedule change form available:

  1. Student initiated
  2. Advisor/program staff/college student services staff initiated

Role and Responsibilities


Student who wishes to process a change to their schedule, and are unable to do so themselves via AccessPlus registration system (due to restrictions, capacities, AccessPlus deadlines, etc.) will need to email their instructor or a department representative to request approval/acknowledgement for their schedule change.

The student can then complete and submit a digital Schedule Change form, which will route to their advisor, major professor, or program staff person.

Instructor or Department

It is the responsibility of the instructor or department staff person to respond promptly to student schedule change requests.  

The student will forward or attach the instructor acknowledgement when submitting the digital Schedule Change form.

Advisor or 

Major Professor or

Program Staff person


Once the student has forwarded the emailed instructor permission or attached it to the Schedule Change form, the advisor will verify that the appropriate permission has been granted (if applicable), by typing that person’s name on the Instructor field of the form.

If no permission is required, the advisor may type ‘Not Applicable’ in the Instructor field.

The advisor should also verify that any other requirements have been addressed prior to submission (credit limit adjustments, allowable drops, etc).

The advisor can then digitally sign and submit the Docusign Schedule Change Form.

If the student is unable to initiate the Schedule Change form, the version of the form inititiated by the advisor/major professor/program staff person can be used. This form can be found in AccessPlus, under the Faculty/Advisor tab, within ‘Registrar Forms’ located on the left column.

College Student Services


Any standard schedule change request may also be approved or submitted by College Student Services staff, if a student’s advisor is unavailable.

Further, if college-level permission is required, (administrative drop, effective date changes, additional drops), fields are available for that college-level authorization.

Office of the Registrar


If any issues arise in processing the requested schedule change form, it is the responsibility of the Office of the Registrar to notify the student and advisor. Any issues will remain pending until resolution.

For students in populations that require specific approvals for their coursework changes given certification requirements (e.g. student athletes, international students) the Office of the Registrar will reach out to those campus partners once the schedule change form has been submitted.