1st Summer Session Grade Processing

1st Summer Session 2021 Grade Submit Deadline: Tuesday, July 13, 2021 2:15 p.m.


  • 1st Summer session grades may be submitted via AccessPlus or Canvas. 
  • AccessPlus and Canvas grading systems will lock promptly at 2:15 p.m., and no extensions can be granted.
  • Instructors should only use one method. If grades are submitted through Canvas, do not submit grades for that same course using AccessPlus.
  • If submitted by multiple methods, only the AccessPlus grades will be posted, regardless of the last method used.
  • Check for a confirmation email from registrar@iastate.edu for each class list for which grades are submitted.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email, return to AccessPlus or Canvas to submit grades.
  • Instructions regarding proofing grades are identified in each option below.


OPTION 1 – Submit grades electronically using AccessPlus 

Deadline:  2:15 p.m. on Tuesday, July 13th – no extensions will be made

  • AccessPlus grading is on the Faculty/Adviser tab, “Instructor Class List” menu. 
  • Instructors must complete three steps in the process:
    • (1) ENTER grades
    • (2) SAVE each page
    • (3) SUBMIT grades from the option in the left hand column.
      • It is important to note that “Submit” is different from “Save”.
  • A link to a demo is in the “Notice” section at the bottom of the AccessPlus grading screen.
  • Submitted grades may be proofed via Display/Class List with Grades in the left column.
  • Grades may be updated and submitted multiple times before the deadline.
  • For problems or questions about AccessPlus electronic grading, please contact one of the following staff:


Amita Dayal                                                          adayal@iastate.edu                            4-1843

Linda Dunn                                                           lstens@iastate.edu                             4-3783

Mike Green                                                          mjgreen1@iastate.edu                        4-1887

Denise Timberland                                              dtimber@iastate.edu                            4-0767

Jennifer Suchan                                                   jsuchan@iastate.edu                           4-8381


OPTION 2 – Submit grades electronically using Canvas 

Deadline:  2:15 p.m. on Tuesday, July 13th – no extensions will be made

  • Canvas grade submission is completed using ISU AdminTools. This tool also can be used to calculate grades prior to submission in AccessPlus if needed.
  • To ensure accurate grade reporting, follow CELT’s End of Semester Checklist.
  • Submitted grades can be proofed, retracted, and resubmitted multiple times before the deadline.
  • For help using ISU AdminTools, visit the Submit Grades technology page or contact the Solution Center. Email solution@iastate.edu or call 515-294-4000 and follow the prompts for ISU-specific Canvas tools.



  • All F grades require a comment indicating the reason for an F grade: F Earned, F Stopped Attending, or F Never Attended.
    • "F Stopped Attending" requires the instructor to provide a Last Date of Attendance, which is the instructor’s best reasonable estimate for the last date of academic activity for the student.
    • Canvas automatically populates the last date the student touched the course in Canvas, but instructors can change this date if necessary.
  • Final class lists have been updated for adds/drops through Wednesday, June 30th.
  • Courses that are indicated as Satisfactory/Fail only in the 2020-2021 Courses and Programs should have the message "ONLY S-F GRADES ARE ALLOWED" displayed at the top of the page. Contact our office if you find any discrepancies in the S-F only status of courses in your department.
  • Final class counts by section and course are available on e-Reports (RGSTN-Crse Count by Dept/Crse). Drops after the first week of classes are included in the count. For cross-listed courses, the enrollment on the class counts is the number of students enrolled in your department only. As such, the enrollment may not be the total course count.
  • Views of the graded class lists are available for departments on AccessPlus using the e-reports option (available two weeks after grade processing).
  • "I" grades may only be assigned when the student is passing at the time of the request but special circumstances beyond the student's control prevent completion of the course. To assign an incomplete:
    • The student must agree to an “I” grade and the instructor and student must complete and retain an Incomplete (I) Contract  
    • Enter an Incomplete (I) mark on AccessPlus or Canvas grading system
    • Information on the appropriate use of incomplete marks and the form are available at: http://www.registrar.iastate.edu/forms/.
    • "I" grades will convert to an F grade automatically after one calendar year, except for 599/699 courses, or unless an extension is granted by the instructor and communicated to Academic Records
    • The original “I” grade will remain on the student record. The resolved grade will also appear on the student record and will not be part of the semester GPA.
    • For instructions on how to manage incompletes in Canvas, see Manage Incomplete Students in Canvas@ISU.