Registrar Data Request

Effective 1/11/2024, report requests for data from our legacy systems, including AccessPlus and ADIN, will be discontinued. Campus senior leadership has put a freeze on these requests to ensure resources are allocated to the Workday Student project to support the implementation efforts. It is not yet known when report requests will resume, but we will keep campus apprised when more is known.

There's a new way to request data from the Office of the Registrar!

We recently launched a new form in the ITPortal to request data from us, the Registrar Data Request. If you are not familiar with the ITPortal it can be added to your Okta dashboard tiles at This new form is how you request student and course data for those that need it, it replaces emailing our systems support email with your request.  Some benefits of the form are: the ability to choose a due date, add a priority level, whether the request is needed on a reoccurring basis, and even examples of data previously received. This does not replace the mass email request form, or the access to student systems request form, those separate requests, also in the ITPortal.

Registrar Data Request Form