Access to Student Data in ADIN and AccessPlus


Requesting access to Registrar student systems is done through the Add/Remove Access to Student Data form within ServiceNow.Individuals requesting access for others (or themselves) should provide the employees name or Net-ID, department, fiscal approver, justification, and an existing employee who we can use as model for duplicating access. Next, check/add the applicable Registrar systems the employee will need for their position. If you are not sure what systems are needed, please list a model for access, as indicated previously. We generally give all the same systems as the provided model, unless told otherwise in the justification section of the form. If you have questions on this process or need further clarification, please email

Add/Remove Access to Student Systems

The Add/Remove Access to Student Data request form is only for Registrar systems. Other departments (Admissions, Graduate College, etc.) have their own Service Now Request forms that will need to be filled out separately.

Add/Remove Access to Admissions Data - Admissions requires a supplemental form for access: Admissions Information Systems Access Request

Add/Remove Access to Graduate College Data