Course Fees


Course fees: Are warranted when the proposed fee results in enhancement of the educational experience beyond that ordinarily provided. Whereas, ordinary costs of a course are expected to be borne by the department offering the course. Applicable course fees are listed with the specific course in the Schedule of Classes . Course fees also appear on each student’s schedule detail available on AccessPlus (Spring 2024 and Summer 2024) and Workday (Fall 2024 and beyond)

For Staff: Processes and Procedures


In order to charge a course fee, the department must submit a formal request to the college dean using the Course Fee Authorization system in AccessPlus for Spring 2024 and Summer 2024. In order to charge a course fee for Fall 2024 and beyond the department must submit a course fee request to the college dean using the appropriate request form in Workday. During the approval process, the Accounts Receivable Office will assign a selling agency number and the Office of the Registrar will load the course fee type and amount into the catalog and appropriate section records using an automated process.

At the beginning of a new catalog year, departments will receive a list of existing course fees from the offices of Accounts Receivable and the Registrar. Course fees will need to be reauthorized for each new catalog year.  The Course Fee Authorization needs approval only once for a particular course during any catalog year, and will remain in force until the next catalog cycle.  However, if a fee increase or change in fee description (intended use) is desired during a catalog cycle, a Course Fee Revision Authorization form must be submitted and approved.  Deadlines for getting authorization for a new course fee are:

  • Fall and summer semesters: March 1
  • Spring semester: October 1

Publication of Course Fees

Students will be notified of course fees in the Web Schedule of Classes on AccessPlus.  Courses with a course fee will have a note that includes a description of the course fee and the amount of the fee.  The amount can be fixed or variable. If variable, the note will indicate the fee range. For Workday, students will be notified of course fees in the Find ISU Course Sections report (equivalent to Access Plus Schedule of Classes). Students will need to click on the course section to view additional information which reflects the course fee.

Collection of Course Fees

The Accounts Receivable Office will collect course fees on behalf of the departments.  Collected fees are deposited bi-monthly in the appropriate department fund account.  As part of the authorization process, the department designates a course fee coordinator to oversee the billing process for all the department's courses that have course fees.  When a new coordinator is appointed, his/her name and contact information should be forwarded to the Accounts Receivable Office and to the Office of the Registrar.

Request Department Access to Submit and Approve Course Fees in AccessPlus and Workday:

If a person needs access to the Student Course Fee system in AccessPlus or Workday, their supervisor should submit the form below.  You can expect the individual to receive access within 5 working days.