Tuition Adjustment Deadlines

Adjustment Notes

  • Tuition and fee assessment deadlines are independent from academic deadlines and financial aid deadlines.
  • Enrollment in multiple terms (e.g. summer sessions, first-half or second-half semester courses) may impact tuition adjustments. Adjustments for courses with different session dates are calculated based upon individual session deadlines. Contact the Scheduling and Fees Office at 515-294-2331 or by emailing for more information.
  • Contact the Scheduling and Fees Office at 515-294-2331 or by emailing for more information about tuition adjustment information for course dates that differ from those listed below.
  • Withdrawing during a term may affect your financial aid. See Financial Aid for more information.
  • For students receiving Veteran benefits, if any portion of tuition and fees are paid directly to the university by the Veterans Administration, any refund due to changes in enrollment will not be released to the student until the Veterans Administration  has completed a debt collection process. Questions regarding this policy can be directed to Iowa State Universities Certification Officials.


  • Cancellation - When a student drops ALL courses before the first day of the term.
  • Withdrawal - When a student drops ALL classes on or after the first day of the term.
  • Full-time - Undergraduate students need 11.5 or more credits to be full-time; graduate students need 8.5 or more credits to be full-time. For summer terms, contact the Verifications Office at 515-294-1840 to determine if you are a full time student.
  • Reduction in credits - When a student drops one or more courses, but retains at least one credit.

 Fall 2021 

Tuition Adjustment Deadlines for Fall Term 2021


Full Term
Aug. 23 - Dec. 17

First Half Term
Aug. 23 - Oct. 15

Second Half Term
Oct. 18 - Dec.17

Student Pays

withdrawal dates

withdrawal dates

withdrawal dates


Aug. 23 - Aug. 26Aug. 23 - Aug. 24Oct. 18 - Oct. 19


Aug. 27 - Sept 5.Aug. 25 - Aug. 26Oct. 20- Oct. 21


Sept. 6 - Sept. 12Aug. 27 - Aug. 31Oct. 22 - Oct. 26


Sept. 13 - Sept. 19Sept. 1 - Sept. 2Oct. 27 - Oct. 28


After Sept. 19After Sept. 2After Oct. 28













Cancel and Reduce Credits

Students who remain enrolled full time after reducing credits will not have their tuition adjusted.


Full Term

First Half Term

Second Half Term

Last day to cancel registration to receive 100% tuition & fee adjustment.



August 22



August 22



October 17

Last day a student may reduce their number of credits below full time and have tuition and fees adjusted based on remaining credits. The student must remain enrolled in at least one course.




Sept. 3




August 27




October 22

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