DMACC/ISU Cross Enrollment Program


The following information is for Iowa State University undergraduate students who may be interested in the program:

The purpose of the DMACC/Iowa State University Cross Enrollment Program is to provide full-time undergraduate students at both institutions the opportunity to enroll in one class, for credit, without paying tuition at the partner institution.

Requirements for students:

  • payment of tuition and fees for those courses taken at the home institution, plus any special course fees at the host institution if applicable.
  • full time enrollment status in ISU courses for the duration of the term enrolled in the DMACC course. Failure to do so, may result in the student being dropped from the DMACC course.

Students registered under this agreement will be extended the use of the host institutions libraries, computer labs, and other student services. Credit earned at the host institution will be considered transfer credit at the home institution.

Eligibility Requirements

Full-time undergraduate ISU students who have completed a minimum of 12 semester hours of 100 level courses (excluding the English 101 series) and are in good academic standing (2.00 or better cumulative grade point average and not on academic probation at ISU are eligible to participate in the Cross Enrollment Program.

ALEKS Math Placement Exam is required for any student who wants to take a Math course at DMACC. This exam must be taken prior to the submission of the Cross Enrollment Application & Registration form. To verify if you need to take the ALEKS Math placement exam please contact the Scheduling and Fees Office at or 515-294-2331.

Fifty (50) students from Iowa State University may enroll under the Cross Enrollment Program at Des Moines Area Community College each term. Students may enroll at DMACC in one course per academic year (summer term not included) under this Agreement, space permitting. Enrollment will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

Deadlines- DMACC

 SPRING 2024FALL 2024

Cross Enrollment ​​​​​Registration Opens


Cross Enrollment Deadline to Accept Request Forms



Semester Begins



Holiday, No classes/Offices closed


In-Service Day/College Closed OCTOBER 25

Break, No classes/Offices closed


​Semester Ends


​Students View GradesMAY 9 at noonDECEMBER 19 at noon

Student Registration Checklist

The DMACC Cross Enrollment Application and Registration form (for undergraduate ISU students registering at DMACC) should be used by students requesting registration in a DMACC course under the DMACC/ISU Cross Enrollment Agreement.

_____STEP 1: In order to participate in this Program, you must be a full-time undergraduate student at Iowa State. Once you are registered as full-time AND if you meet the above eligibility requirements, obtain a copy of the DMACC Cross Enrollment Application and Registration form (for ISU students registering at DMACC)from the Student Services Office in your College or download the DMACC Cross Enrollment form from this website.

_____STEP 2: Meet with your ISU advisor to select your DMACC course. You are encouraged to select MORE THAN ONE course in case your first choice is not available. On the Cross Enrollment form, list courses in priority order, beginning with your first choice. If you choose course(s) that are full or canceled, DMACC will notify ISU. ISU’s Registrar’s Office will then notify you that your form could not be processed. You may start the registration process over at this time, beginning with Step 1, space permitting. Discuss, with your advisor, how the DMACC course will transfer back to ISU and how it will be applied toward meeting your degree requirements. Check to make sure you meet the prerequisites for the course(s) you are requesting to take at DMACC. Complete the Cross Enrollment form and obtain your advisor’s signature on the form. Note: This Program does not waive the graduation residence requirement which states that an ISU student must take his/her final 32 credits at Iowa State University. Six of the last 32 credits may be transferred to Iowa State University, with prior written permission from the student’s major department.

_____STEP 3: Take the Cross Enrollment form to your college student services office. Your college student services office will verify that you meet certain eligibility requirements for participation in this Cross Enrollment Program. Once verified, your college student services office will sign and date your Cross Enrollment form.

_____STEP 4: Take your Cross Enrollment form to the Office of the Registrar tuition and fees area, 10 Enrollment Services Center. ISU’s Office of the Registrar will forward your form to DMACC’s Student Records Office for processing.

Note: It is important to complete this form as early as possible, since the Cross Enrollment Program is limited to fifty (50) participants. Completing this form does not guarantee enrollment. DMACC will register you for the course if space is available. You will be notified of your enrollment status by Des Moines Area Community College prior to the start of the respective semester.