Faculty & Staff Forms

Completed forms should be submitted electronically whenever possible, such as via CyBox. For questions regarding submission process, contact your Department or College Student Academic Services Office.


*Details about these forms

Academic Renewal Petition (PDF)

Agron 105, 310; NREM 104 Work Experience Form (Word)

Course Offering Change Dept. Authorization (Word)

Curriculum Change Form (Use Adobe Acrobat to edit pdf) - Replaced File Transfer, Change of Major/Advisor, Multiple Curricula or Multiple Degree, Minor Request and Certificate Forms

Departmental Test-Out Application (Word)

Dual-list - Graduate Curriculum Forms: "Propose Dual-Listed Courses" (Website)

Grade Report to the Registrar (Website / Online Form)

Incomplete Contract (Word)

Release of Student Information for Research Requests (PDF)

Request for Degree Audit Access (PDF)

Supplemental Course Section Offerings (Word)

U.S. Diversity/International Perspectives

Withdrawal Request (PDF)