Academic Progress Report (APR)

What is the Academic Progress Report (APR)? 

The APR is an individualized report that reflects your progress toward completing your declared programs of study.  Final responsibility for completing your program of study requirements rests with you and the APR is an important tool to help you plan and meet program of study academic requirements for graduation.   

Advantages of the Academic Progress Report (APR) 

  • Provides timely information of your progress towards completing academic requirements to assist faculty/staff in advising students. 

  • Help you determine courses to enroll in to satisfy academic requirements for your program of study. 

How to view a student’s Academic Progress Report (APR) 

APRs are available online through Workday 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Some updates to the APR may not be viewable until the nightly refresh of APRs.  Updates to a student’s record which immediately refresh a student’s APR to update include dropping a course, updating course grades, changes to the student’s program of study, and updating a student’s academic plan.  However, academic advisers are able to launch an individual student’s APR to reflect updated information if they are the assigned advisor.  Steps on how to launch a student’s APR can be found here: LINK 

If you are exploring a new program of study, the Evaluate Academic Requirements task can be used to view an APR for additional or different programs of study (a "What If" APR).  Steps on how to use the Evaluate Academic Requirements task can be found here: LINK 

How will the APR list multiple majors/minors? 

Each of your declared programs of study will appear at the top of the APR.  A progress wheel (or donut) will appear next to each of your declared programs showing the number of academic requirements you have satisfied for the program.  

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Each program of study will have their own section on the APR which lists the academic requirements which must be satisfied for graduation.  

Who is responsible for meeting graduation requirements? 

APRs are intended to assist you in determining your academic progress at ISU. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy; however, final responsibility for meeting graduation requirements resides with you, the student. You are encouraged to check with your advisor on a regular basis as you progress towards your degree.