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FAQs for Students

Q: Where do I go to view my academic requirements in Workday?

A: You can view your academic requirements for each of your declared programs of study on the Academic Progress Report (APR).  You can navigate to your APR from your student profile or Academics Dashboard.  If you are graduating in spring or summer 2024, the uAchieve audit will continue to be the system of record for your graduation.

Q: How do I navigate to my Academics Dashboard?

A: You can find your Academics Dashboard within the Workday menu.  From the Dashboard, you can find links to common tasks you will use as a student and view your academic information.

Navigating to your Academics Dashboard:

Q: I updated my program of study and changed my major/additional major/minor.  When will my APR update with this change?

A: All changes to your program of study go through an approval process in Workday and your APR will update once the changes to your program of study have been approved by the appropriate offices.  

Q: I am thinking about changing my program of study.  Where can I view the requirements for a different program of study and how my courses would apply?

A: To view the requirements for a different program of study, you can complete the Evaluate Academic Requirements task from your Academics Dashboard.  Select the Evaluate Academic Requirements task link under the Academic Advising section of the Dashboard and update the Evaluate Programs of Study table with your desired programs of study.  Click the View Evaluated Academic Requirements task on your Dashboard to view recent programs of study you have evaluated.  You are encouraged to reach out to an academic advisor in your desired programs of study to discuss academic requirements.  

Q: A course is not applying to/satisfying an academic requirement on my APR - who should I contact?

A: If you believe a course is not applying appropriately on your APR, please reach out to your academic advisor to discuss how the academic requirement can be satisfied.

Q: How can I find out who my academic advisor is?

A: On your Academics Dashboard, find the Important Contacts Support Network section of the Dashboard.  Your academic advisor is listed with the role of Primary Undergraduate Academic Advisor.

How to find your academic advisor:

Q: What courses can I take to satisfy the academic requirements on my APR?

A: Further information about each academic requirement, including how it can be satisfied, can be found by clicking on the related actions button next to the academic requirement name.  See your academic advisor to discuss any questions about satisfying your academic requirements. 

Q: I registered for a course, but it is not appearing on my APR.  When will it appear on my APR?

A: After adding a course to your schedule, it may take overnight for the course to apply to an academic requirement on your APR.  Check your APR the next day to ensure the course is appearing on your APR as expected.  

Q: I have registered for my final semester, but the progress wheel at the top of my APR does not show 100% satisfied.  When will this appear as 100% satisfied?

A: The progress wheels (or donuts) for each of your programs of study only reflect academic requirements satisfied and does not account for any In Progress academic requirements.  The progress wheel will appear as 100% satisfied once all final grades are submitted and all academic requirements on the APR have a satisfied status.  See your academic advisor with any questions about your graduation after registering for your final semester and to ensure all your courses are applying as expected on your APR.   

Q: How can I find the academic requirements I have not satisfied on my APR?

A: The first three columns on the APR can be filtered.  By filtering the Status column on your APR, you can select to view only academic requirements you have In Progress and Not Satisfied.  These academic requirements have not been satisfied and you will either need to complete your current coursework or plan a course to satisfy the academic requirement.   

Q: What is the Requirements Not Assigned section of the APR?

A: This section of the APR lists any academic requirements that are not assigned to you based on information in your student record.  For example, if your College has a World Language requirement, and you have met this requirement with coursework from High School or a transfer institution, this academic requirement will not be assigned to you and will appear in Requirements Not Assigned.  See your academic advisor with any questions.  

Q: What is an academic plan and should I make one?

A: An academic plan is a student created, semester-by-semester plan of the courses you plan to take at Iowa State.  Creating an academic plan is highly encouraged, but not required.  From your academic plan, you can create a saved schedule for registration and develop a timeline to graduation.

Creating your academic plan:

Creating a saved schedule: 

FAQs for Faculty and Staff

Q: I searched for a student using the Workday search bar, but no student results appeared.  How can I find a student's profile?

A: You will want to ensure that your search configurations are set up appropriately.  Enter a student's name/ID number/NetID in the search bar.  On the results page, click on Configure Search at the bottom left corner of the screen.  Update your search configuration to include students in your Saved Categories list.  Students should then appear on your search results page.  For students who are also employed on campus, be sure to click on their student profile, not their employee profile.  

Searching for a student:

Q: A student has a special circumstance that warrants an exception to their academic requirements.  How do I get this reflected on the student's APR?

A: An academic requirement override should be submitted to waive or apply/exclude a course from applying to an academic requirement.  Academic requirement overrides are submitted directly from the student's APR.

Submitting an academic requirement override: 

Q: I submitted an academic requirement override for a student, what happens next?

A: Once an academic requirement override is submitted, the override will route in Workday to the student's College academic requirement override approvers and any additional offices that require approval of the override.  You can track the approval progress of the override in your My Tasks Archive folder.  Students will receive a notification that an override has been approved and the override will be noted on the student's APR. 

Q: I advise students.  What is the easiest way to find commonly used tasks for advising?

A: For advisors, the Academic Advising Dashboard will be the go-to for links to commonly used advising tasks.  This Dashboard can be found in the Workday menu.  From the Dashboard, you are able to view your advisee list, navigate to a student's profile and view a student's APR.  If you do not see the Academic Advising Dashboard on your Workday menu, click the add apps button at the bottom of the menu and search for the Academic Advising Dashboard to add it.