Adding Additional Newspapers for Dean’s List Release

Iowa State University releases the Dean’s List each fall and spring semester to the student’s hometown newspaper approximately three to four weeks after the term. The information is published at the discretion of the newspaper editor. You can also download the Dean’s List in pdf form. The Dean’s List is not sent to addresses outside of the United States.

If your name appears on the Dean’s List, you can request additional newspapers outside of your hometown area by using the form below. For example, if your hometown is near Fort Dodge, the Dean’s List information will be sent automatically to the Fort Dodge Messenger. If your grandparent lives in Rock Rapids, you can request the Dean’s List also be sent to the Lyon County Reporter.

For requests outside your hometown newspaper area, please provide the following information. All fields with a red asterisk are required.

Please note: The cut off dates for the university to send information to newspapers is July 1st for the Spring Dean's List and Feb. 1st for the Fall Dean's List. After these dates, it will be up to the student to contact their respective newspapers and they can refer to the Dean's List posted on this site and/or the email or letter they receive from their college.