Consortium Holds

A consortium agreement hold is placed on a student’s record when consortium paperwork was completed and submitted to the Office of Financial Aid. The consortium agreement is for students taking a class at another institution while still enrolled at least half time at Iowa State. Signing the agreement releases federal financial aid and private student loans. 

If we have not received an official transcript from the consortium institution by the end of the following semester, a “C” hold will be put on your record. If you think the transcript has been submitted or if you have other questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 515-294-9372.  If you cancelled or withdrew from the course, you need to contact the Office of Financial Aid at 515-294-2223. Once the cancellation/withdraw information is verified, they will contact the Registrar’s Office and the consortium agreement notation will be removed from your record.

Here is the link to the Financial Aid consortium agreement: