Good Student Discount

Obtain a good student discount form from your insurance company and submit it to the Office of the Registrar, 214 Enrollment Services Center. Although most insurance companies require full-time enrollment and a 3.00 or "B" average, the requirements vary slightly between companies. Thus, you will need to submit the form from your specific insurance company since it will specify the requirements for your good student discount.

At ISU, a grade-point average of 3.00 is equivalent to a "B" average. Your company may have an alternative requirement that you be in the top 20% of your class. However, in most cases, students in the top 20% of their class have grade-point averages of 3.20 or higher, so this alternate provision generally is more stringent than the 3.00 GPA.

Your grade-point average at ISU is rounded to the nearest hundreth, so you must have an ISU GPA of 3.00 or above to be certified as having a "B" average. A 2.99 GPA cannot be further rounded, and does not meet the "B" average criteria.

Even though you may not meet the requirements for the good student discount on your insurance company's form, the Office of the Registrar can produce a letter, which would list your current grade point average and state your status (full-time, half-time, etc.) You can turn that in to your insurance agent, who would then determine if you meet the criteria for a good student discount.