Academic Withdrawal

From time to time circumstances may arise that make students unable to continue their enrollment as an ISU student for the remainder of the current term. If the timing of this occurs after the first day of the term or any point prior to finals week, students must initiate the withdrawal process in order to formally discontinue their university enrollment.  This is a collaborative process that requires student responsibility, student affairs and academic affairs partnership, and central coordination. 

Please note: If you are wishing to withdrawal your admissions acceptance to Iowa State University prior to your first semester you must complete an Admissions Office Application Change Form.

     Standard Withdrawal link.         Medical withdrawal link.         Out of Term Withdrawal link.

Withdrawal Checklist for Students

 Before withdrawing from the University – discuss your options with your academic advisor.
 Check the tuition adjustment page to determine the financial impact of withdrawing. For more information email or call 515-294-2331.
 If you have financial aid, check with the Office of Student Financial Aid, or 515-294-2223, to find out how withdrawing may affect your aid at Iowa State University. If you are receiving military education benefits, contact the Veterans Center, or 515-294-9801 before withdrawing.
 International students must contact the International Students and Scholars Office, 515-294-1120, before withdrawing.
 Student athletes must contact the Office of Student-Athlete Development, 515-294-3662, before withdrawing.

Withdrawing from the University


Determine the type of withdrawal you are seeking:

  1. Standard - the student cannot complete the semester. 
  2. Medical - the student cannot complete the semester due to a medical reason.
  3. Out of Term - withdrawal requested for a prior term (within two years) due to circumstances beyond the student's control.

After Withdrawing from the University

 AccessPlus will continue to be available for access to your student records. Be sure to update your permanent address in AccessPlus.
 Monitor your ISU email for the next six months. Important communications about your withdrawal may still be sent to that address. Make arrangements to forward your ISU email to another account.
 Check to see if you have an outstanding balance by clicking on the “Account/U-Bill” tab in AccessPlus. Additional charges may appear up to six weeks after you withdraw. Contact the Accounts Receivable Office, or 515-294-7388, if you have questions about your financial account.
 If you have received Federal Student Aid, you will receive a financial aid withdrawal letter. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at or 515-294-2223 if you have questions.
 Contact the Department of Residence, 515-294-2900, if you signed a housing contract. You must officially check out of the residence halls and turn in your key.
 Contact the Thielen Student Health Center, 515-294-7523, for health plan coverage options if you purchased insurance. You may check your insurance selection in AccessPlus.
 Read the book return policy at the Iowa State University Bookstore, 515-294-5684, if you need to return books.
 Contact the Parking Division, or 515-294-3388, regarding parking permits or unpaid citations.
 Contact the University Library, 515-294-3642, to return library books and pay overdue book fines.

Returning to the University

 U.S. students who have been absent from Iowa State University fewer than 12 months may be admitted as a returning student. If more than 12 months have elapsed since last enrolled, a U.S. student must apply for reentry to the university. All international students must apply for reentry regardless of the time away from the university. If a Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal is required, a notification will be sent from the Office of Student Financial Aid. Approval of reentry to the university does not guarantee reinstatement of financial aid eligibility.
 If you completed a medical withdrawal, a medical hold was placed on your future registration access at Iowa State University. Please contact the Student Assistance Office, or 515-294-1020, to provide appropriate documentation for reenrollment. Details on this process can be found under medical withdrawal.

Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Form

Withdrawal Terminology

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