Tuition Appeal


Iowa State University will review a request for tuition and fee refund provided you meet the requirements of the Tuition and Fee Appeal policy. Appeals that do not represent a sound basis for reimbursement will be denied.


  • You must be officially withdrawn from the semester before an appeal can be reviewed.
  • Depending on the complexity of the appeal and receipt of all supporting documentation, the processing time may be a month or more.
  • Appeals from semesters more than two years old will not be considered. (Example: If you are appealing your Spring 2016 tuition assessment, it must be submitted to ISU by the last day of the Spring 2018 term)
  • Appeals for consecutive semesters will not be considered (Example: If you are appealing your Spring 2016 tuition assessment you cannot also appeal Fall 2015 or Summer 2016). 
  • Submission of a tuition appeal must be initiated by the student, or with their expressed authorization.


  1. Complete the Tuition Appeal Form after you have completed your standard or medical withdrawal. 
    1. Provide the following in addition to your form:
      1. Personal statement
      2. Supporting documentation
      3. Medical documentation with specified dates of treatment, if applicable. 
  2. Submit your appeal.
    1. All documents must be labeled with in the following format: FirstName LastName_term/yr_documentname = JonDoe_S23_tuitionappealform
  3. Tuition appeals will be reviewed and a decision made by the Associate Registrar for Tuition and Fees.
  4. Once a decision is rendered, the student has the right to appeal to the University Tuition Appeal Committee. Appeals to the committee must be made within two weeks of initial appeal decision.

If you received Financial Aid for the term identified in this appeal, be aware that submission of a tuition appeal could impact your Financial Aid and result in money owed. It is recommended that you discuss these implications with the Financial Aid office before submitting an appeal.  If you are a recipient of Veteran’s Benefits, it is important to discuss your appeal with the Veteran’s Educational Benefits certifying officials in the Office of the Registrar before proceeding with the request.

Be advised that filing a tuition appeal does not exempt your account from the assessment of collection and/or financial penalties. Please pay tuition and fees when due.


University Tuition Appeal Committee Members

  • Members listed also serve on the Out of Term Withdrawal Committee
ChairCollege Student Services Director
MemberFinancial Aid Representative
MemberAssociate Registrar
MemberAccounts Receivable Representative
MemberStudent Health Center Representative
MemberStudent Conduct Representative
MemberStudent Counseling Services Representative

Questions? Email or call 515-294-1840.