Reverse Credit Transfer


What is Reverse Credit Transfer?

Reverse Credit Transfer is a partnership between Iowa's public universities and Iowa's community colleges to facilitate the transfer of university credits back to one of Iowa's community colleges for the purpose of completing a degree, diploma or certificate. Transfer students applying to Iowa State University need to have earned 30 or more credit hours from the Iowa community college they most recently attended prior to enrolling at Iowa State University.

How does Reverse Credit Transfer Work?

Community college students indicate their interest by answering the Reverse Credit Transfer question on their application to Iowa State University.

By completing the information on the application for admission, the student gives the Office of the Registrar permission to send their transcript (at no cost to the student) to the community college. The community college will then evaluate this coursework to determine if degree, diploma or certificate and residency requirements are satisfied.  

Therefore, it is important for students to work closely with their community college advisor (prior to attending Orientation) to determine which courses are needed at Iowa State to complete an associate degree.