Transfer Credit Evaluation

Courses from regionally accredited post-secondary institutions will normally transfer to Iowa State if they are comparable to courses offered for academic credit here or would earn academic credit if they were offered.

Some departments may require at least a "C" grade for a specific course to be applied to the degree program.

It is important to note that grades from other institutions will not factor into your GPA at Iowa State; however, accepted credits will be added to your overall totals. Only the class title and credits earned will appear on the official Iowa State transcript. Transfer credit grades will not be displayed.

The University will honor coursework/semesters reprieved/forgiven by another college or university, and as such, will not process these as part of the transfer credit evaluation.

Transcripts for courses taken at other universities/colleges should be sent to:

Office of Admissions
100 Enrollment Services Center
2433 Union Drive
Ames IA 50011-2011

If you are having a pdf version of the transcript sent, please use the following email address: PDF transcripts must be sent directly from the university/college to this email address. Transcripts not sent directly from the school will not be accepted.

New Students

Incoming freshmen, transfer students, or international students new to the university, please see the Office of Admissions regarding transfer credit. New students should contact the Office of Admissions and ask about transfer credits when applying for admission to Iowa State.

Current/Continuing Students

Current students who have taken courses at another institution since enrolling at Iowa State need to submit an official transcript to the Office of Admissions in order to receive credit. The Admissions Office will complete a transfer credit evaluation. How the credit applies toward the student’s degree program will be determined by his/her academic advisor. For additional questions, contact the Office of Admissions at 100 Enrollment Services Center, (515) 294-5836,

If you are a current Iowa State student and you are looking to complete courses from another institution to transfer back to Iowa State, use either TRANSIT or Transferology,  and Course Equivalency Guides to find out whether the course you are interested in has previously been evaluated for transfer to Iowa State. TRANSIT and Transferology will display the Iowa State equivalent of your planned course. Only if you do not find the institution or courses you are interested in taking in TRANSIT or Transferology, do you need to fill out the Preliminary Transfer Credit Evaluation form (please follow the instructions on the form.) Once you have finished your course at another institution, simply request an official transcript be sent electronically to or by mail to the Office of Admissions, 100 Enrollment Services, Iowa State University, Ames IA 50011-2011.

We will not post transfer credit to the records of any students who are non-degree undergraduates; students must be degree-seeking for the credit to be posted.

Reentry Students

Returning U.S. undergraduate students who have been absent from Iowa State University more than 12 months and have attended another institution may transfer course credit into Iowa State. You must first apply as a reentering student.

Military Service Students

Continuing and reentry students serving in the military will be awarded credit for successful completion of technical or specialized schools attended while on active duty with the armed forces to the extent that the material is applicable toward degree requirements at Iowa State University. Application for such credit is made through the Office of the Registrar by submitting just your JST transcript. Also see the Veterans Center and Military Credit websites for more information.

On-line Transfer Articulation System (TRANSIT)

TRANSIT is Iowa State's online system, which displays how credits from a community college or another university may transfer to a degree program at Iowa State. In TRANSIT, prospective or current students can generate a transfer credit evaluation showing how their courses and degrees from a community college or university transfer to Iowa State University. In addition, students can request an unofficial degree audit, which will display how their transfer courses are applied within a particular Iowa State major/degree program. TRANSIT is easy to use and can be accessed by going to


Transferology is an online tool that provides similar information to TRANSIT for transfer credit and unofficial degree audits.  Transferology also allows students to search for courses to take at another school based on the courses needed to complete their degree here at Iowa State.  Transferology requires students to either create an account or sign in with other account credentials.