Reinstatement after Academic Dismissal

Reinstatement applies to students who were dismissed from Iowa State for academic reasons. Students who left Iowa State in good academic standing and who are seeking reentry should go to the links for Reentry at left or see

Reinstatement is not automatic. Students who have been dismissed for academic reasons should contact the dean's office in the college they wish to enter for instructions specific to that college. You also can view the university policy from the catalog.

In general, the college Academic Standards Committee reviews each petition and other relevant information, and reinstatement is based upon that review. As part of the petition process, students must submit a plan for academic success that identifies the causes of their poor academic performance and demonstrates that they have taken actions to avoid or eliminate these causes. The list below provides information by college for reinstatement.

Reinstatement Petition Information by College

Agriculture and Life Sciences




Human Sciences

Liberal Arts and Sciences