Our Mission

Mission Statement

Iowa State University's academic advisors are dedicated to enhancing each student's academic and career aspirations.

Academic advisors at Iowa State are:

  • Interested in the personal and professional development of students
  • Knowledgeable about University, College and departmental policies & procedures
  • Accessible to their advisees via office hours, phone & e-mail
  • Skilled listeners
  • Referral agents
  • Life-long learners
  • Problem-solvers
  • Available to assist prospective students and alumni
  • Academic advisors also may assume the roles of mentor, teacher & scholar

Iowa State provides advisors with:

  • On-going training/development programs
  • Advisor’s Newsletter and Handbook
  • Computer access to academic records
  • Electronic degree audit system
  • University and College awards and recognition Programs
  • Support for advising research opportunities

Academic advisors encourage their advisees to:

  • Be serious about their studies and learning
  • Be responsible for their decisions and actions
  • Be knowledgeable about Iowa State policies and procedures and the graduation requirements for their individual program
  • Be conscientious about integrating degree requirements with out-of-class, leadership, and career opportunities.