Systems Access Policy

Access to Student Records in ADIN and AccessPlus

Basic access to student records is handled by virtue of an instructor or adviser's assignment. Basic access to Class Lists for Instructors is assigned automatically through the Course Offering system by departmental or college staff. Basic access to an Adviser's assigned advisees is handled by automatic group assignment for new students or by individual assignment at the college level based on the individual adviser's responsibilities. Contact Steven Moore at or Jacob Nolton at to have a faculty member designated as an adviser.

When an employee needs additional access to student records in ADIN or Access Plus, the departmental administrative specialist, departmental advising coordinator, or supervisor should request access using the administrative systems request form. Please be sure to include a person to model access after (preferrably a current employee or a retired employee). Undergradate student employees may be granted access to student information in ADIN, but not to student information via advising services in AccessPlus. 

You must also use the administrative systems request form when any employee (student, full-time, part-time) with access to student systems leave their job position so access can be removed.