Catalog Editing Handouts and Presentations

Courses (CIM):

  • Make sure all edited courses have been submitted using Save and Submit. A course change cannot be processed unless it's submitted to workflow.
  • Check for clarity in course descriptions. Avoid phrases such as "This course will." Use active tense whenever possible.
  • New courses: indicate last successful offering as an experimental course. If it's required in a program, indicate the program or major.
  • Justification for change: be specific about what's changed in the course. This data is used in the course change report to the university.

Items to check for:

  • Check that all website links work going to the correct website.

  • Curriculum grids: note "Courses Not Found" in red boxes in curriculum tables. You will need to reconcile these later in the catalog cycle. The system does not automatically update or delete them.

  • Check that total credits in each requirement in the degree add up to equal the correct number for your degree.

  • Check College Curriculum section for any edits to your specific sections.

  • Catalog editor and degree audit template person should work together checking that the catalog curriculum section and department degree audit template match.