Request to Inspect Educational Record

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you have the right to inspect and review your education records. The university must comply with this request within 45 days of the day the request is officially recieved. it is important to note that, while official transcripts are retained in perpetuity, other educational records are only retained for a specific period of time - generally five years - after the student's last attendance at the institution. Iowa State will refer to the university's retention policy when completing these requests, and reducational records falling outside the retention period will not be available to inspect under FERPA.

The information provided below outlines how to request to inspect your educational records.



  • Download the Request to Inspect Educational Record form (linked below); identify the specific information you are requesting to inspect under FERPA, and then complete and sign the form.
  • E-mail the completed and signed form to


Request Form: