Third Party Accounts

Students: Managing Permissions For a Third Party

As a student at Iowa State University, you can grant third party access to another individual. Allowing third party access means you are granting access of selected personal- and academic information to a trusted third party. This allows you to set up a special account for a family member or friend to do any and/or all of the following tasks:

  • Make a payment on your behalf
  • View your financial aid package
  • View your account activity (e.g., account transactions like charges, payments, financial aid, refunds, etc.)
  • View your student statement
  • View your current classes
  • View your grades
  • Generate an unofficial transcript (Note. These are typically used for verification purposes for outside agencies like car insurance)

You can identify which individual(s) you want to serve as third parties on our behalf by managing your Friends and Family in Workday. For instructions on granting third party access, you can refer to the Review Friends and Family Contacts and Access article for step-by-step instructions. You can also refer to the Manage Friends and Family Third Party Permissions article for how to manage their access.

You are not able to reset a password for a third party; instead, you'll need to contact the Solution Center, who will create a ServiceNow Ticket, and IT will reset the password and resolve the ticket. Do not delete and re-add the third party again; this will not resolve the issue.


Friends and Family: Set Up Your Third Party Account

Students at Iowa State University can grant access to a trusted third party (e.g., Parent, Guardian, Spouse, etc.) within Workday by managing permissions for their Friends and Family. When they do so, a series of two e-mails will be auto-generated (i.e., one that includes a temporary user name and another that includes a temprorary password), and they are sent to the e-mail address provided by the student. If you have not received two e-mails, please check your e-mail filters and Junk folder. Please note, you must always use the URL you recieved in the first e-mail and a computer; downloading the Workday app onto a phone will not work for third parties.

Here is a link to a step-by-step instructions for setting up your third party account access: Set Up Your Third Party Account