Reentering or Returning Undergraduate Students

Important: Iowa State is implementing Workday Student as its new student information system.

The Reentry process will continue as indicated below until further notice.

  • Updates on the new process will be provided on this webpage.


Not for use by graduate students

Download the Undergraduate Reentry Form in pdf. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Remember to sign the form.


One term has elapsed since you were enrolled (excluding summer sessions)
example: You were last here spring and want to come back the next spring semester.

Contact the Office of the Registrar to reactivate your record by calling 515-294-2331 or email:

If you were academically dismissed, you will need to contact the College you wish to reenter to find out their reinstatement procedures.


You were not enrolled for the previous two academic terms (excluding summer sessions).

International students should use the Undergraduate Reentry Form. Iowa State University requests the information on the form for the purpose of making a reentry decision. If the required information is not provided, the University may not consider the reentry request.

Undergraduate and non-degree undergraduate students planning to return to Iowa State University after an absence of 12 months or more must complete the attached reentry form.

  • Students with a bachelor’s degree who wish to take supporting graduate level coursework prior to applying for graduate degree admission should not complete this form, but should request an application for non-degree graduate admission.
  • Students who have previously attended Iowa State only as non-degree students and who now seek to earn an undergraduate degree should request an undergraduate application.

The reentry form should be completed and returned to the Office of the Registrar well in advance of the opening of the term for which reentry is desired.

Students who have attended another college or university since their last enrollment at Iowa State must have official transcript(s) of all coursework attempted sent to the Office of Admissions, 100 Enrollment Services Center, Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011-2011.

Generally, a request to reenter Iowa State will be approved within the Office of the Registrar. However, the Office of the Registrar will refer the reentry form to the college to which a student plans to return if the student:
(a) desires to change curriculum;
(b) has a previous Iowa State University cumulative grade point average below 2.00;
(c) was dropped from the university for unsatisfactory academic progress or was not otherwise in good standing; or
(d) since leaving Iowa State, has completed additional college study with less than a 2.00 grade point average.

U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents do not need to complete this form unless you have been away from ISU for more than twelve months.

Students who have been dropped from enrollment at Iowa State must obtain reinstatement by the Academic Standards Committee of the college into which they wish to return.

The following policies apply, according to the Iowa State University catalog:

1. Students may not be reinstated until at least one term has elapsed since they were academically dismissed. The summer session is not considered as one term out of school.

2. A student who has been dismissed from enrollment two or more times is not eligible for reinstatement until at least two academic semesters have elapsed since his or her last academic dismissal.

3. All students who have been dismissed by a college and subsequently reinstated by another college cannot transfer back to their original college unless the Academic Standards Committee grants permission. This procedure must be followed regardless of the student’s current academic standing.

4. Students must submit a petition to the Academic Standards Committee of the college in which they wish to enroll at least 45 days before the beginning of the term. This need not be the college from which the student was dismissed. (Students who have been dropped twice and wish to return in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must submit their petition at least 70 days before the beginning of the term.)

5. Reinstated students will return on temporary enrollment status.

Students must respond to questions 5a and 5b- Violations or their application will not be processed.


If you experience difficulties in registering for classes have your advisor contact the Student Scheduling Office, 10 Enrollment Services Center, 515 294-2331.