Resources and Advisornews

Using the Advisornews Listserv

Purpose of Advisornews

The listserv has been established to share information among faculty and staff that will enhance academic advising at Iowa State University. Any topics that that would assist academic advisors in their support of student learning may be shared and discussed. All subscribers are expected to follow recognized procedures for "netiquette". Violators may be removed from the list at the list owner's discretion.

Do it yourself: join or leave the list

To join the listserv: send an email to: – with the words “subscribe advisornews” in the text of the message but without the quotes. Make sure the subject line of the message is blank.

To leave the listserv: navigate to the link below, and scroll to the section titled "Advisornews Subscribers."  Enter your email address in the box under "To unsubscribe......." and click the button marked "Unsubscribe or edit options."  You will be automatically notified of any other steps to take.

Sending a Message

  • For announcements to ALL members of the list send a message to just as you would any e-mail message.
  • Send ONLY messages intended for distribution to ALL subscribers.

Replying to a Message

  • Avoid embarrassment! Check the " To:" line in the outgoing message. If you want to reply to an individual who posted a message to the list, address your e-mail to that person. If you choose reply without editing the "To" line, you will send a message to the whole group.

General Notes

  • Attachments cannot be sent through the listserv. Instead, use a brief explanation with a link to a web site.
  • To reduce the possibility of spam and junk mail, only listserv members can send e-mails to the listserv.

The Advisornews listserv was established by the University Academic Advising Committee.