Adds & Changes

Retroactive Adds

The Office of the Registrar will not assess special course fees on a retroactive add, as it is not cost effective for the university to try to collect this money after the semester of enrollment.  If a department wants to retroactively collect a special course fee from a student, the department coordinator may assess, on the University Receivables system, the approved fee amount for that semester to the respective student.  This applies to both fixed and variable fees.

Late Current Term Changes

A request to change a special course fee is considered late after the 13th week of fall and spring semesters, and after the 10th week of summer semester.  Requests for a late special course fee change should be submitted via email to the assistant registrar (, and should include an explanation as to why the late change is required.  Late requests will be considered on an individual basis and should be submitted as a one-time exception.