Student Activity Fee

Thank you for your interest in the Student Activity, Services, Building, and Recreation Fee. If you have not been assessed this fee and would like to have it added to your account, please read the information below and fill in the required information.

The activity, services, building, and recreation fee is a mandatory fee that supports a variety of activities and services for all students. It is not based on whether or not a student uses an individual activity or service. This fee provides several benefits such as student admission rates to concerts and athletic events and, unlimited use of CyRide, the Ames bus system. In addition, the fee provides support for campus recreation facilities, the Memorial Union, and campus organizations and services as allocated by the Government of the Student Body. 

The cost of the fee can be found on the tuition and fees website at

Student Information

By filling out the information below and clicking submit, I agree to pay the entire student activity fee in the amount indicated at based on my year in school, major, and status.

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Please note: Any requests to be assessed the activity fee will be processed once daily, Monday through Friday.  There may be a 1-2 day delay after submission of this request before access will be granted to the recreation facilities.

Please log into your accessplus account to view the charge on your Ubill prior to accessing the facility. An e-mail confirmation of the request will be sent to your iastate e-mail once the request is submitted.

If you have questions, please email or call 515-294-2331.